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          William A. Lee, PhD

          Executive Vice President, Research

          William A. Lee, PhD headshot

          Dr. Lee joined Gilead Sciences in 1991 as Director, Pharmaceutical Product Development. In 2015, he was appointed Executive Vice President, Research and has been responsible for the expansion of the company's research and preclinical activities across a range of therapeutic areas, including HIV, liver diseases, hematology and oncology, inflammation and respiratory diseases and cardiovascular conditions. Prior to joining Gilead, Dr. Lee was head of Drug Delivery at California Biotechnology, Inc. and began his career as a research scientist at Syntex Research in Palo Alto, California.

          Dr. Lee received his BS in Chemistry from the University of Massachusetts, PhD in Chemistry from the University of California at San Diego and performed postdoctoral work at the Ecole Polytech Federal Lausanne with Dr. Michael Graetzel and the University of California at Santa Barbara with Dr. Tom Bruice.